Ama, who? - EP
Ama Lou

The North London native explains that the EP features "love songs from a millennial point of view, indirectly (and directly) at points relating to communicating with the person you love through your’s almost like this EP and all the songs are just me typing out all the thoughts in my head." The title for the EP came from a conversation she reckons has happened once or twice across the globe. “Yo have you heard about this girl Ama Lou? I just heard her music today and," while getting interruped by someone else saying, "Ama who?”

As far as what to expect from the 21-year-old's project, Ama Lou relays that fans will receive every part of her soul. "This project is all encompassing and totally Ama," the singer tells Billboard. "I know that’s a bit of a vague description, but the detail lies in the vagueness. Every song is different but all very me. I kind of a start to look into the foundation of my work, who I am and what I can do. It’s just another step forward."

The EP makes you feel like you've wandered inside her mind and you're looking at her thoughts and feelings in their rawest form. It features production from Ama Lou, Che Pope, Frank Dukes, Murda Beatz, Hi-Tek, and Foster. Check out the tracklist below.


  1. Far Out
  2. Northside
  3. We Tried, We Tried
  4. This Town
  5. Better
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Nov 17, 2019