Pretty Kitten
Dua Saleh

Dua breaks down the song: "Lyrically, 'pretty kitten' is about a turbulent relationship that takes you on a wild ride. And so for the visual I wanted it to have chaotic and calm moments. I invited my fans and anyone new to my music to have a chance to express themselves on their own terms through selfie videos. I worked with Zeus Jones and four AR designers to make the first ever fan-contributed music video entirely made of Instagram face filters. Fans were able to access custom filters on my profile and DM me clips for a chance to be featured. Each filter represents the non-conforming aspects of my gender identity and the versatility of the music I create."

The face filters were designed in collaboration between Dua Saleh, Zeus Jones, Aaron Jablonski, autonommy, Franco Verrascina, and Oleg Soroko.

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Dec 14, 2019