LETTERS: Vol. 1 - EP
Grace VanderWaal

The EP features the emotional and unapologetic track “I Don’t Like You,” the groovy “Waste My Time” and the uplifting “Ur So Beautiful,” alongside three brand new songs. See full track list below. The collection is a series of moody, layered ruminations on self-doubt, love, confidence, and growing up. “This new EP, this new era, this new me… it’s very colourful, but muted—very self-expressive, but in an understandable way,” VanderWaal says of her most recent work.


  1. Intro (Gucci Shoes)
  2. Poser
  3. I Don't Like You ★
  4. Ur So Beautiful
  5. Waste My Time ★
  6. The City
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Nov 27, 2019