La Linda
Tei Shi

Tei Shi shares her latest studio album, "La Linda" which was largely inspired by her move to the West coast. She says: “I felt like I was closing a chapter in my life that was tied up in a lot of negativity, and reconnecting with open space and my own creativity in a way that I hadn’t in a very long time. I wanted this whole project to reflect the feeling of stepping into another world that’s almost surreal or fantastical in its beauty.”


  1. Addict
  2. Alone in the Universe ★
  3. Even If It Hurts (ft. Blood Orange) ★
  4. Matando ★
  5. Twilight
  6. When He’s Done ★
  7. Red Light ★
  8. Thief
  9. No Juegues
  10. A Kiss Goodbye
  11. We
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Nov 15, 2019